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5 Weight Loss Myths Related To Dieting

Weight Loss Myths and Foods

There is always some level of cheating or lying when it comes to dieting, no matter how loyal you are to the plan, including the exercise part. And it is common for everyone that attempts to lose weight to try a quick fix at least once, such as eliminating some foods (and nutrients) or fasting. Unfortunately, those efforts can be sabotaged by various myths, even your relationship with the treadmill.

But it is a good idea to be suspicious of easy or quick weight loss programs or solutions as a general rule.  Any idea that you can do anything easily and quick and have last results is probably the biggest misconception when it comes to dieting and weight loss. We’re going to share 5 other myths that are related to dieting now:

Myth 1: Don’t Snack

It isn’t necessary to starve yourself to lose weight. Light snacks in between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner will actually keep you from eating as much at meal time.  Most experts recommend eating 5 small meals every day and spreading your caloric count. The big secret here is to snack on fruits, nuts, and vegetables instead of candy and chips.

Keto Food List

Keto Food List

Myth 2: You’re Done with Fast Food

So you may have to forgo the apple, double cheeseburgers, French fries, and sodas. They are a part of the culture today, so avoiding it is almost impossible. You simply need to learn how to make the best choices. Like requesting your fries with no salt and get your chicken grilled not fried. Soft tacos are better for you than crispy tacos and most fast food places offer salads now.

Myth 3: Carbohydrates Are All Bad

Not at all carbs are bad but you need to stay with low-carb foods. However, all carbs are not the same. Avoid carbs that are high in sugar, white flour and processed. Go with the beans and the whole grains. Choose brown rice over white rice and whole grain bread over white break. And add the fruits & veggies.

You can see this foods here to see a complete list of good high quality carbs used in a ketogenic diet.

Myth 4: Some Foods Burn Calories

There is conflicting opinions about whether certain foods increase a person’s metabolic rate and help them burn calories. While different foods do provide different health benefits, does this mean the calories are different in all foods? No – a calorie is a calorie is a calorie. So if a certain food is claimed to increase a person’s metabolism, it is an insignificant amount.

Myth 5: You Won’t Gain Weight When You Consistently Eat & Exercise

As we get older, our metabolism rate slows down, so we must make diet changes and lifestyle changes. This means that as we age, we need eat less and do more exercising to keep the weight down. As a result, you often have to either eat less or exercise more to avoid gaining weight.

Weight Loss News – Ketopia


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Burn Fat, Don’t Abuse Carbs

Fat Burning Ketopia

Fat Burning

Numerous driving researchers, therapeutic experts, and sustenance specialists concur the ketosis way of life is the zenith of wellbeing and wellbeing.

Ordinarily, without a few days of fasting or adhering to a streaked diet, it is close to impossible to keep up with the eating routine designed for you to get into ketosis, our bodies can’t achieve ketosis and exploit this energy that so many people are raving about.

So unless you’re an athlete with extream dedication or have genuine desire to change your life, and no place to go, nutritious ketosis has been accepted to be out of span… as of recent

Ketosis is a characteristic metabolic state where the body blazes fat for a large portion of its vitality as opposed to sugars.

Fat offers the body 225% more vitality than starches.

Today, the vast majority have sugar-smoldering bodies, not fat-blazing bodies. Fat-smoldering bodies commonly experience better vitality and less longings because of adjusted glucose levels.


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